Hello! I'm Christel. Welcome to my blog! Here you will find pictures of my bracelets, gimmicks and much more. Thanks for visiting & if you have any requests feel free to just ask!

Available on Etsy for $18.36

Available on Etsy for $18.36

Available on Etsy for $18.36

Soon! Soon!

Hello guys. I’m very quiet these days BUT I will prepare new bracelets for the Autumn-Winter 2014 season. I am waiting for gold metal claw clasps, snap clasps and new balls of cotton.

Update : I’ve received my gold metal clasps! You know what? Their diameter is 30 millimeters!

Bracelet Selembao — L’un de mes bracelets favori. J’aime ses motifs géométriques. C’est peut-être mon côté matheux qui ressort haha. Et vous, vous l’aimez?